Caffeine and Cantilevers

of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

Blind Roasting

It’s always fun to nerd out on the great little gadgets and brewing methods that pop up every once in a while.  For expample, DCILY recently did a little article on a new Microwave Moka Pot…I know right? Gross.  But it’s been a while since we really took a look at how involved the actual roasting process is and how much of a difference it makes.  If you’ve never been to a roaster before, I suggest checking it out.  Phil & Seb out and Calgary have a pretty good if I may say so.  The other day Mr. VeloArtisan Bread shared a video with me that puts a really interesting spin on the art of roasting coffee.  Though I’ve never had the chance to try Mr. Leary’s coffee from the Unseen Bean out in Boulder, CO, it makes perfect sense that you could effectively ( if not more accurately? ) roast coffee without the use of one sense.  Take a look for yourself:

Really great video, and something I’ll most definitely check out next time I find my way through there.  On the flip side of that equation, a roaster that has been quite successful in recent years and one of the biggest small roasters I know of.  Though it can get a little pretentious at times, here’s a great look at the behind the scenes business of Stumptown Coffee.


Locally, it’s great to hear that Jonny’s has started roasting their own.   Heard good things about the first few batches, waiting to get out there to try it out myself.  Also, if you want some more information about coffee growing at the source, there are some great pieces on the Stumptown website.  Or hop on down to Parlour and ask Nils about his recent trip down south to visit some of the farms they sell ( hot tip: their instagram feed gives you a sneak peek at some of the awesome things from the trip, like this photo here: )

Parlour Coffee down south


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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk


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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk


of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk


of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

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