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Able Disk

It wasn’t that long ago that I mentioned that Able was producing a third version of their Kone and Disk filters for pour over and Aeropress, and today marks my one week experimental period with the Disk Fine.  Side note / shameless plug: I happened to pick it up over at Parlour Coffee, they brought a bunch of Disks and Kones in, so if you’re a local Manitoban, pick up yours there.

I’ve used the first version of the Disk before and had reasonable success.  It was a great idea then, and still is however, Able seems to have stepped up their game considerably for this version.  Prima-Coffee has a great side by side photo on their site (see below) so you can see just how far the design has changed.

On the left we have the new Disk Fine and on the right an older version, or now called the ‘thick’ version.  The Disk Fine is exactly that, a much finer filter, and 1/3 the thickness of the ‘thick’ version.  The pure size of the holes is visibly different from this photo, they are impossibly small compared to the earlier versions.  Now the thick version you can beat up all you want and use quite often, but you have deal with the fact that you’ll produce a heavier brew with more sediment.  The Disk Fine is quite thin and could be easily damaged, but produces a much lighter cup.  The other thing that changed from the previous version (technically from the now defunct Coava Coffee), is the packaging.  Check this out.  It’s a real eye catcher.  And the insert has a recipe right on it, great idea.

I personally picked up the Disk Fine because while a metal filter is extremely handy for travel, I just prefer a paper filter, and don’t intend to use it all the time.  This week I’ve been experimenting by making some cups with the Disk and some with a paper filter, and comparing the end results.  Taste wise, I preferred paper, though its likely because I use paper more often and am used to the taste.  And I didn’t really notice a decrease or increase in the amount of sediment at the bottom of the cup from one to the next.  That being said the first roast I tried through the filter kind of threw me for a loop, i.e. it wasn’t a good roast.  I’m not going to post any negative reviews of roasts or anything here but it tasted like regular diner coffee, very odd.  To quote an anonymous friend’s review of the roast: “It’s crazy how normal they can make high quality coffee taste.”

Long story short, this is a must have if you travel anywhere with your Aeropress or if you’re a bleeding heart for sustainability and all that.


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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk


of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

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