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Super Fine Machines

Here at C&C it’s tough to pass up oogling a finely tooled machine of any sort.  Whether it be a killer handmade cross frame or maybe a crazy robot of a coffee maker, there’s something really interesting about it.  And sometimes, less is more.  Perhaps it’s the Menno/Luddite in me but when it comes to coffee, a simple machine may often be the best.

A good burr grinder is essential in the coffee making process, and hand grinders are a great home or travel alternative to a $200 electric unit.   Both Hario and Porlex make some pretty great hand grinders for quite a reasonable price, especially if you’re only making coffee at home or on the road.  However, the HG One combines all the best things about simplicity of a hand grinder and the luxury of an electric.

One of the problems with hand grinders is leverage, especially if you’re trying to produce a really fine grind.  And then you really have to know your grinder if you intend to change particle sizes often.  And then you often have to grind for well over a minute for a 17g dose.  The HG One solves all of those problems, and it only costs the same as a decent cafe grinder ($850).  Here’s the thing though, for a shop looking to increase the arm strength of their baristas and looking for another really interesting piece in the shop ( or maybe even a fool proof grinder for when one of the others is out of commission ), it could be a really useful addition.  And, it may even outlast some of the other grinders in the shop.  And if you’re more of the home barista who wants to buy one grinder to use for the rest of their lives, this is probably it.  Check out how well it actually works:

Let’s say you’re around 30 years old right now, and you’ll likely live to 80-ish….so if you make yourself at least one cup of coffee a day until the day you die, the grinder will only cost $0.05 a day (that’s less than it costs to sponsor a child!)  Or if you are loaded and want to buy me one for my house, go here and preorder it for me.  Thank you in advance.


2 comments on “Super Fine Machines

  1. Duncan McMonagle
    October 29, 2012

    oogling? Googling? ogling?

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