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USGP#1 / Local News *Updated

One of the first full weekends in North American cyclocross is underway.  First up, USGP Race #1 at the Planet Bike Cup in Sun Prairie, WI.

Off to a really big start to the season, Jeremy Powers took the win at USGP #1 and held a fairly steady gap over the rest of the field for the final few laps.  Earlier in the race however, the lead group could have included any number of favorites, withPowers, Ryan Trebon, Tim Johnson, Jonathan Page, and Swiss National MTB Champion, Lukas Flückinger trading places.  Flückinger lead the race for the first few laps and then lost his chain half way through, and teammates, Johnson and Trebon, worked together to catch Powers near the end until Trebon was forced to the pit with a mechanical.  Final results had Powers in first, Johnson in Second and Flückinger taking third.

In the women’s Elite race we saw the confidence and power of US National Champ, Katie Compton as she took and held an early lead all the way to the finish line (and she’s now wearing the Trek logo, the company that saved the USGP).  Georgia Gould took a well deserved second place despite her slow start and surprise, surprise, Gabby Day wrapped up third, coming off a strong fourth place finish at CrossVegas just a few days earlier.

Full results and great race review can be found at CX Magazine.

My personal favorite photo from race #1, the guys at Cannondale/CXWorld powering up for race #2 today.

This @cdalecxworld team does NOT mess around. #weenrmobile on Twitpic

Predictions for USGP #2 Men’s Elite:  I like Trebon today and I think he’ll crack the top 3, likely in second.  Johnson has been right behind Powers twice now and I’d like to see him take first.  If I had money I would bet that Powers will finish higher than fourth, but since I don’t, I’m placing him fourth today.  With third up for grabs, I would like to see Flückinger in the mix again, but I think the Belgian, Ben Berden has a better shot at it.  (Johnson, Trebon, Berden, Powers)

Women’s Elite:  No doubt Katie Compton will repeat yesterday’s performance, however I think we’ll see Rapha-Focus rider Julie Krasniak move to second, with Merideth Miller grabbing third.  Not that I’m not big fans of Day or Gould, that’s just a gut feeling for today. (Compton, Krasniak, Miller, Gould, Day).  Though I won’t be surprised if U23 rider, Kaitlin Antonneau finishes a little higher today.


PREDICTION RESULTS: Day#2 Women’s Winners – 1. Compton, 2. Gould, 3. Krasniak.

Men’s – 1. Fluckinger, 2. Trebon, 3. Powers.

2 out of 6 ain’t bad.  And I did call Krasniak cracking the top 3, so that’s a plus.


Other big race this weekend takes place in Baltimore with the Charm City Cup.  Race #1 saw British National Champ, Helen Wyman, take first place in the women’s Elite and in the men’s, French rider, Nicolas Bazin, topped the podium.  Earlier this month, Bazin was ranked by CyclingDirt in fourth place overall, ahead of Tim Johnson.


The inaugural Republic of Manitobah Cyclocross Race in Portage la Prairie, MB, was dominated by very young riders.  While I was not able to be in attendance, FGBC reports that it was a short, fast course.  When I see some photos from the race, I’ll let you know.  Full results here:

UPDATE: Photos from Woodcock Cycle here.  And epic, slo-mo, hipster crash here, highlighted by the fine folks of FGBC.

Menno-Cross is also just around the corner.  Be ready for fast gravel straightaways, rock pits, switchbacks, and a run up over what may or may not be a bomb shelter, you decide.  Also, it got a really great facelift for this year.

And I may actually be there next weekend and have some photos of my own for you.


3 comments on “USGP#1 / Local News *Updated

  1. Duncan McMonagle
    September 27, 2012

    Looking forward to similarly detailed coverage of knitting events.
    (Smiles supportively)

    • jaredfalk
      September 27, 2012

      Are you suggesting that my blogging is boring, or that my Menno upbringing is boring?

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