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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

CrossVegas (the other biggest race in the dark)

It’s obvious to everyone that Dark Cross is the biggest, and most exciting race in the dark in all of Manitoba, however, there are a few others that are slightly bigger and slightly more important as far as UCI points go.  Last year the event saw a few Euros take the trip down to Vegas and dominate the podium, with Rob Peeters, Lars van der Haar and Christian Heule coming in one, two and three.  This year, American National Champion, Jeremy Powers decided to make his presence known early in the season, and grab those first few UCI points.  In fact, he was forced to attack former teammate and former American National Champ, Tim Johnson, late in the race to take the victory.  Johnson, always the gentleman:

While the Americans did not sweep the podium this year ( Belgian, Ben Berden placed third), a few big names in American cross did crack with the top 10 with Trebon, Page and Driscoll rounding out the group.  And who can forget fellow man of the north, Geoff Kabush placing fourth overall.   (There’s also a pretty cool pre-race interview with Kabush over at CX Magazine)  With the World Championships coming to Louisville in 2013, it seems to have a few Euro pros shakin’ in their clogs:

The women’s elite race was a bit of a different story.  The race was tight, all the way to the very end with only six seconds separating the top six riders.  Dutch rider, Sanne van Paassen placed first with Americans Lea Davison and Alison Powers in tow.  Big surprise for the day was Team Rapha-Focus rider, Gabriella Day finishing in fourth place.  She even surprised herself.


For a full recap of both the Men’s and Women’s races head to the report at  And for more great photos and videos from the event head to either CyclingDirt or CX Magazine.  Or, if you speak Flemish, VideoZone.  Keep in mind, races in the dark don’t end here for the year.  Cross After Dark is still over two months away, and this year it’s immediately followed by everyone’s favourite, The Single Speed World Championships.


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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk


of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk


of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

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