Caffeine and Cantilevers

of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

Top 5 #coffeemovies

If you missed out on the Twitter trend that happend this weekend surround #coffeemovies , you missed on one of the biggest parties a group of nerds with phones can … Continue reading

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Blind Roasting

It’s always fun to nerd out on the great little gadgets and brewing methods that pop up every once in a while.  For expample, DCILY recently did a little article … Continue reading

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The Superbowl is For Suckers

Hey, remember when this blog actually talked about bikes too?  Pepperidge Farm remembers. So unless you’ve been living in a hole, or think that foot-game is more important then first … Continue reading

January 30, 2013 · 2 Comments

CoffeeZilla vs. Mecha-CoffeeZilla

Over the holidays my uncle was lucky enough to pick up my name in the annual family Christmas box, and I was lucky to have an uncle well versed in … Continue reading

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The Glass Shards in your Coke….

I don’t know about you, but with 10 minutes of waking up I already have my kettle on the range and my beans measured.  At this point in my life, … Continue reading

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SSCXWC: Our Idiot Brother

In Cyclocross, there are many levels of competition, drunkenness and sanity, but it all kind of works together like a family.  Superprestige is the eldest child: Harvard educated, hard working … Continue reading

November 16, 2012 · 2 Comments

Able Disk

It wasn’t that long ago that I mentioned that Able was producing a third version of their Kone and Disk filters for pour over and Aeropress, and today marks my one … Continue reading

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Super Fine Machines

Here at C&C it’s tough to pass up oogling a finely tooled machine of any sort.  Whether it be a killer handmade cross frame or maybe a crazy robot of … Continue reading

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A little rain, some wind, and a crisp cold; it was turning out to be a great day for cross, and then the sun came out, warmed up everyone and … Continue reading

October 22, 2012 · 2 Comments

Café Postal

There’s a new cafe in Winnipeg that’s shaping up to be real nice place.  Café Postal opened yesterday in St. Boniface, giving everyone one more reason to experience the already … Continue reading

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  • If you’re missing a giant dog dragging an entire bike rack, they’re running through Bruce Park hood. Literally a scene from The Sandlot. 2 years ago
  • 96% sure that Artzooka is just Pinterest for toddlers. 2 years ago
  • @garethduplooy They make soylent shawarma? 2 years ago
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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk


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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

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of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk


of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk

of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk


of coffee and cyclocross with jared falk